About us

Legal Aspect

We have the support of specialists in the legal area of the real estate market here in The Canary Islands. We have partnered with a law firm, which allow us to provide you guidance and security and will ensure that you will be informed of all the legal situations of the property that you are interested in, among informing you of other legal aspects around buying a property in the Canary Islands

Economic & Financial Aspect

If necessary, we can help and advise you when determining the budget of the investment that you want to make for a property. And of course, at the time of negotiations, we exclusively fight for your interests.


From the commercial area we are in constant contact with the local real estate agencies. On the other hand, we have all the available tools that help us find that property that you are looking for.

Our Team

Our team mainly speak Spanish, English and Icelandic.

Let us guide you home

In Nordicway we are a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience different sectors. That is why we can provide wide range of services with guaranteed quality. 

Our team is multilingual, so the language should not be a barrier for our customers when they want to buy or rent a property in Canary Islands.  


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