mudanza a las Islas Canarias

New country,
new world

arriving at your
new destination without any
stress or worries

Many individuals with or without a family decide to take a turn in their lives and embark on an adventure. Having the opportunity to move to the Canary Islands on your own or with your family is an unique opportunity, but like all new beginnings, the first steps can be hard, especially when it comes to new beginnings in a country other than of your origin. We want to be there for you during your new beginnings and assist you. 

We provide you with 360 degree service to ensure that your adventure begins pleasantly without any stress or preoccupations. There is no “standard package” as we provide tailor-made packages in order to meet all your needs. 

We encourage that if you are considering moving to the Canary Islands that you contact us within 2-3 months before your arrival. That is simply because we like to prepare and initiate the whole process before your arrival. 

It does not matter which Island you choose in the Canary Islands, we are here to welcome you with open arms.

It is important that you take the time to study which Island attracts you the most, from there you dive into looking into the municipalities that captivate you the most, meeting all your needs; proximity to services, shops, schools etc.  

we will take care of everything

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We Adapt to Your Needs

We will establish our first contact by telephone interview, where we will have few questions that will help us study the needs that you may have before settling into a new country.

Document Preparation

We will send you a complete list of necesarry documents that you have to bring from your country in order for us to be able to carry out all the bureaucratic procedures here.

The search For Your Dream House

Depending on your needs and preferences, we will compile a list of available properties located in your most preferred areas.

Visits & Rental Contract Preparation

During the first week of your arrival, we will make visits to multiple properties that you have pre-selected before your arrival, Once you have chosen your dream house, we will take care of presenting all the documents required for the rent, to the owner.

Foreigner Identity Number (NIE)

Those foreigners who, due to their economic, professional or social interests have direct connections to Spain, will be able to obtain the NIE. This number will be a personal ID number. Depending on your needs and interests, we may request a permanent or temporal NIE.

Bank Account

We will help you to open a bank account in Spain, since it is required for the domiciliation of payments of different kinds of service bills such as water and electricity bills, internet etc.

Municipal Registration

The municipal registration is important, in order for you to be able to certify your current address on the Island. This certificate is required for many procedures.

Colleges & Institutes

Depending on whether your family opts for a public or private school, we will make all the necesarry arrangements and paperwork so that your children can attend school as soon as possible.

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