El Rosario



This villa is located in El Rosario, La Esperanza, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. It is a huge house with different units, 3 closed garages, and a plot of almost 3000 m2 with innumerable fruit trees and garden area. Both the house and the farm need a comprehensive renovation. Due to its location and size it is a perfect property to set up a B&B business. The property is located right where the bus stops with tourists to start one of the many hiking trails in the area. A part of the rooms could have a restaurant and even exploit the farm (as it was done in the past).
You could easily get between 6-10 double rooms. Simply earning €100 a day (with all the rooms) on average would result in income of €36000 per year (€540000 in 15 years). With these numbers and thinking about the possibility of the restaurant and the exploitation of the farm as extras, the purchase of the house and the reforms should be able to be amortized in 10-15 years (if not before).
A unique opportunity for those who think of a project / business of this type.
The house has spectacular views of sea and mountains as well as the neighbouring islands.
There is no problem to apply for the VV (holiday home) license for hotel operations.



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