If you want to build your own wooden house, or several houses of this style, rustic or modern to rent them for long or short season in the future, or build your own townhouse or several and then sell them, or even build a building, or you have in Mind several other compatible uses that this property has, this is your OPPORTUNITY !!!
We have for sale this wonderful “urban plot MIXED OR MULTIPLE RESIDENTIAL”, on the corner in the area of Granadilla de Abona. Interesting investment, for the development that is currently being made in this area.
The plot has a “housing area of 1,272.69 m2” and its area is 424.23 m2. The basement area is 424.23 m2 and would have a height of three floors (ground + 2 floors) and an allowed occupancy of 100% by aligning road alignment. The price of buildable m2 impact is € 106 / m2.
We have an appraisal of TINSA dated 25/10/2018 for a value of € 202,780
Compatible uses of this property can be:
-Single-family residential. (Independent house, townhouses, wooden houses,)
-Touristic (hotel, rural tourism)
-Terciario (Large commerce, commercial gallery, bars, cafes, restaurants, professional offices, offices)
-Industrial (craft workshops)
-Dotations and Equipment, Garages, Parking, Warehouse.


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