Guia de Isora



Your future land is located at Calle Cruz Alta, 38685, Tejina de Isora, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, located in the Guia De Isora district.
It is a land that has 4,157 m2.
Of which 448m2 are consolidated urban and 3,709m2 are rustic. The urban plot is about adjoining plots of 104m2 and 344m2 respectively
The admissible uses compatible according to urban planning report are residential, rural tourism, professional offices, hospitality, public endowments or equipment, craft workshops, garage, warehouse or commercial, stalls, small businesses, traditional agriculture, family or artisanal livestock.
Possibility of building in the urban classification 2 floors.
A major construction license application was made to the Guia de Isora city council in August 2019.
You can find the project presented for the construction of a single-family home.



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