San Miguel de Abona



Industrial and commercial warehouse in LAS CHAFIRAS.
Exclusive OFFER – Sale of industrial building in Las Chafiras.
I am looking for an ambitious and hardworking person to join by bringing each 500.000 € + 25.000 € for the acquisition of the material.
For the manufacture of pastry bread etc.
The quality of the products here is deplorable and I am certain of the success of our Company thanks to our French products; in addition the country is very pleasant by its sunny climate all the year. Which favors the influx of tourists regularly (15 million each year)
I have a revolutionary idea about making bread:
Manufacture raw products at 0º and then cooked directly in different shops giving off the smell so pleasant and unknown by the customers. Not to mention a storage more interesting than the pre-cooked.
Price reduction!!! Type C industrial building, valid for the R.I.C., located in a commercial avenue next to all types of services, with a plot area of 1300 m2, with a height of 7.45 meters, has a store area to the public, smoke outlet, underground diesel tank of 10,000 liters, two container access doors and two pedestrian access doors, services for employees and customers. The building has an apartment of 70 m2 approx. upstairs and security door.
Monolithic construction without support columns.
Ideal for your business or investment.
Previously there were a confectionery factory and also a bakery. It is a great place with very good location to organise the following businesses:
– a furniture store;
– a supermarket, a shop;
– a warehouse;
– a car rental business;
– a large workshop;
– football club;
– training area;
– gym, fitness, dance club.
At the entrance of the building there is a boutique (perfect to open a store or reception of your company) and above it is an office / apartment.
It has a special roof structure and protects the building from the heat of the sun, allowing it to have the same cool temperature at any time of the year, day and night.
The 1300 m2 area with circular access to drive around makes this building very attractive and the ability to park a car next to the hangar is a great opportunity for your business to allow its customers to find and park it easily.


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