San Miguel de Abona



Spectacular villa surrounded by a large land for cultivation. We can find an area for the cultivation of grapes in case you like winemaking, to be able to dedicate yourself to it and make your own harvest. Many fruit trees; mangoes, bananas, blackberries, lemons, oranges, nectarines, milk figs, etc. Vegetables such as potatoes, chard, tomatoes, etc. There is a beautiful olive tree that in season has a considerable amount of olives.
Just by opening the fence with remote control you are transported to another place full of tranquility and where you begin to appreciate incredible views of the sea and the mountains. Large parking area for many cars.
Without entering the house we find a huge water tank where several species of fish live, especially the perch. From there we can find a large barbecue area and right next to it a large stone-covered cellar. In the garden area there is a heated swimming pool and a sauna for 3 or 4 people. A part of the house that invites you to enjoy a good meeting with friends.
From here we can access the house that would be the lower part. We have a large terrace. On one side of it we enter and we have a toilet that makes it easier if you have guests that they do not have to use the personal bathrooms. In another entrance there is a small hall or if we want it can be converted into an office, 1 bathroom with shower and 2 bedrooms. From here we access through another door where we find a large closed garage for 4 or 5 cars. Part of it could also be converted into a gym. Here there is a room used as a storage room and another that serves as a laundry room.
If we go from this floor to the outside to go up to the second floor there is a large hall, to the right a toilet and right next to it 1 bedroom with 1 bathroom and on the left side exactly the same 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. We continue and find a living room with a reading area where there is a fireplace. The fully equipped kitchen is American.
The house is 480 meters high from the sea.
The annual tax paid for owning a property is €920. The house is perfectly distributed so if you have guests they can be alone in the lower part without anyone bothering them.
The price does not include taxes and expenses of the sale.


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